Robert reached out to me while I was working at Booz & CO. Media and Tech practice based on my specific skills sets and background that his client was looking for. Robert was great to work with throughout the recruiting process that lasted a couple of months, and instrumental in negotiating a great comp package for me at MediaMorph.

Orit Meidan, Engagement Manager, AdTech Buyers, EMEA (Placed as Director of Client Services at MediaMorph), AppNexus

Robert has a deep understanding of the digital media and technology space that allowed him to do a great job filling some highly specialized sales roles at Crisp. Moreover, Robert was very active and offered a level of personalized service and detailed communication that was refreshing and proved successful. I would work with Robert again without hesitation.

William Nann, Principal, Nann & Associates (Placed as Director, National Advertising Sales at Crisp Wireless)

Rob is a no-nonsense, detail oriented recruiter who works to ensure that both sides of the talent search are mutually beneficial. He takes care of the people he recruits, and was in constant communication with me as he worked to recruit me. He knows the space and does the homework necessary to ensure a good fit. I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to source talent for difficult to fill roles, as he is especially good at sifting through unlikely candidates to find the right people for the job.

Dave Wisdom, Director, Solutions Consulting (Placed as Consulting Director North America at IPONWEB), Appboy

Rob has been an invaluable partner for us in growing our East Coast team – fulfilling a number of highly specialized, critical and challenging roles for us. Through-out he has been a complete professional and gifted with that unique ability to not only find the right skill-sets, but ensure that candidates are also the perfect cultural fit for our needs. He is a real pleasure to work with and I couldn’t recommend him enough.

Scott Neville, General Manager, BidSwitch , IPONWEB (Client)

Rob has an incredible understanding of the Ad-Tech industry. He is able to nail a list of candidates who are exactly right on point to the specific requirements. This is because he listens carefully to the client’s needs, and diligently works his way to get the right candidates excited about the opportunity. He also maintains a healthy balance between both parties’ expectations to make a win-win proposal for everyone. His search work in recruiting top talent for us in the US was critical to our success. I highly recommend him to any company seeking a great headhunter that delivers results.

Herve Brunet, CEO and Co-Founder, (Client)

Having been a recruiter once before, I understand how difficult that job can be. To do it as masterfully as Rob is quite an accomplishment. His deep understanding of the tech industry coupled with his people skills (ability to listen and empathize) make him a valuable asset to both employees and employers in this field. Rob understands that good people and good jobs need to be carefully matched and it is not a one size fits all proposition. Understanding this only comes with great experience and success at doing his job well. I highly recommend Rob for anyone looking for the right fit.

Thornton Schaaf, Senior Manager Business Development, North America (Placed as the RVP West Coast at Struq), InMobi

Robert is a very professional recruiter and foremost, he was my voice when negotiating my package. He’s an expert at managing expectations which is key. He was also very clear about the role and feedback received. He’s very well connected too

Val Dietl Baron, Publisher Development Consultant (Placed)

Robert was fantastic to work with. He was not only extremely responsive and helpful, but I felt as if he was dedicated only to me. I’ve spoken to many recruiters before and Robert was one of the only ones who I felt actually knew the industry and really understood and listened to what I was looking for. In every conversation I had with Robert, he had my best interests in mind; I looked to him for his insight and opinions, as I knew I could trust him. I highly recommend Robert and think he would be extremely helpful for anyone hiring or looking for a new position

Leonard Dixon, Senior Account Executive (Placed), Photobucket

Rob provided a great level of quality and service in seeking a very specific skill-set and experience within the media and entertainment industry, with management consulting and technology start-up experience. Rob employed his methodology and creative recruiting skills to line up top talent for a key role. Rob also was instrumental in finalizing the deal with multiple moving parts.

Paul Giordano, Chief Client Officer, MediaMorph (Client)

I have know Rob for years. Having worked with many of his peers at different firms. Rob always stood out to me as the opportunities he brings candidates are unique, and based on my experience his clients are unique to him. Often when I have worked with recruiters I have seen many times where they all have the same list. In addition, Rob is all about the details and does a great job articulating the roles he brings to you. He also is about making a strong marriage. I would recommend Rob to any passive or active job seekers.

Andrew Freedman, Account Director, Programmatic & Direct Sales, East , Demand Media

Rob is the exact type of recruiter that anyone would want to work with – he is professional, knowledgeable, consultative and has an excellent sensibility. He is also refreshingly honest and doesn't overhype opportunities. His focus is win-win for the company and individual. He was a true pleasure to work with.

Kevin McElroy, Vice President of Sales- US (Placed), Grapeshot

Rob is helping us expand our US team – more specifically he helped us find our first senior hire on the west coast. We worked together on an exclusive basis, he understood very quickly our specific needs and all the candidates were matching our precise criteria. He is also great to work with: he was pretty much available 24/7, very reliable, good communicator and listens to both clients and candidates needs. I definitely recommend working with Rob

Sebastien Blanc, SVP Revenue , Skimlinks (Client at Struq)

Simply put Rob just gets it. For starters, he knows the digital space which allows him to effectively recruit candidates based on their background to match the job requirements of the position. But more important, what really makes him stand out in a very crowded recruiting space, was his ability to effectively listen to me as the candidate. He matched me with an innovative, cross-device re-targeting company who was in need of a tenured seller who was looking to hire their VP of West Coast sales. Companies and candidates these days simply don’t have the time to weed through what may or may not be a good fit which is why working with someone with Rob’s caliber, intuition and professionalism provides a rare, invaluable service both ends of the spectrum can benefit from.

Denise Weaver, Regional Sales Manager (Placed as RVP Sales- West at Struq), Quantcast

I was referred to Madison Search as we were looking for a CRO in the city to help grow our ad revenue. Rob quickly presented several qualified and interested candidates. Within 45 days, we had a handful of very high caliber candidates to choose from, and made an offer to one of our top choices. He accepted, and we had our CRO. I highly recommend Rob. He is extremely diligent and focused and driven. He was able to quickly deliver several qualified candidates, but also listened to our feedback and modified his search as necessary. He understands the digital media space, and also is committed to getting the job done in a timely manner. In addition he is great to work with and to this day we have a professional and friendly relationship.

Dork Alahydoian, Executive Director , The New York Times (Client at My Damn Channel)

Robert Samet is an incredibly effective recruiter – fast, results-oriented, and very easy to deal with. Highly recommend Rob if you're looking for sales or account management roles in the Digital and Tech space, he's the best out there!

Tania Yuki, Founder and CEO, Shareablee (Client)

My Damn Channel hired Robert for an important, very competitive Chief Revenue Officer search and he delivered- professional, on promise & on time.

Robert was a valued partner in the hiring a key Director of Sales role for our new US business, who is now our Vice President of Sales. I would recommend him for USA senior digital roles.

Alex Rahaman, Vice President Platform Solutions, Sizmek (Client at StrikeAd)

Rob is a fantastic recruiter whom I have had the pleasure of working with in several scenarios. I first met Rob when he managed to recruit me out of Yahoo! at a time when I was happy and not looking for another opportunity. He effectively sold me on the emerging opportunity at Turn, navigating the entire long recruitment process for me along the way. Since then we have remained in close contact and I have used Rob as a recruiter to build out my own successful team at Turn, which included him placing my top earner. He is well connected, knows the space as well as anyone, and worked tirelessly to provide candidates that fit my hiring needs.

Jim Clark, Senior Vice President Global Sales (Placed at Turn), Tapad

We hired Robert Samet of Madison Search Partners to recruit our Ad Campaign Manager (ACM) Sales Manager in NYC-he did a great job in recruiting away a rising talent from one of our competitors- who is doing very well for us- his tenacity, knowledge of the space, and personal attention make him stand out as one of the top headhunters here in the city- I highly recommend him

Yoav Arnstein, Audience Network & LiveRail, EMEA , Facebook (Client at Eyeblaster)

Robert helped me find a “Great” Sr. Sales resource in NYC that is working out even better than expected. He presented me with an incredible array of qualified candidates and did it in a very timely fashion. Robert is a complete professional with a great network! I would definitely recommend Robert and will use him again as we expand our team.

Corey Leibow, Executive Team & Sales Consultant, Totango (Client at CrowdScience)

I was referred to Rob Samet at Madison Search Partners by a trusted source as we were not having success recruiting our SVP Sales with another search firm. I decided to work with him on a exclusive basis for 60 days to see what he could generate. Our needs were specific, and he delivered. Within 6 weeks we closed on a very high caliber executive candidate that was in high demand- Rob was a key part in getting him to accept.

Oren Netzer, Co-Founder & CEO, cClearly (Client at DoubleVerify)

I was referred to Rob Samet at Madison Search Partners and hired his firm to recruit our Director of Sales in NYC. The first candidate he submitted out of the rich media space was actually the one we hired. A year later he still with us, and doing great. I highly recommend Rob as one of the leading digital recruiters in NYC!

Oren Harnevo, CEO, EyeView Digital (Client)

I worked with Rob at Photobucket when I really needed help generating quality sales prospects in the New York marketplace. Since that time we have hired 3 digital sellers in NYC through Madison Search Partners. Rob is not just a great recruiter but has been a true partner in our re-launch, meeting with our new VP of Sales and even getting us a fantastic sales hire that has more of an Ad-Tech background and rolodex we needed. Rob has been extremely helpful to us in filling hard to find digital sellers.

Robert and Madison Search were a great partner in helping Criteo to find the right candidates within the digital arena. In he served as a great sounding board and industry insider in helping us to be competitive in the NYC market.

Laurel Peppino, General Manager, Ground Signal by CO everywhere (Client at Criteo)

Tier1CRM engaged Madison Search Partners to help us hire a NYC based business development executive. Robert understood our requirements very well. He presented us with well qualified candidates only. He kept us updated on his progress very regularly. In a short time we found an excellent person who is very well matched to our unique requirements. Thanks Robert.

Phil Dias, COO, Tier1CRM (Client)

I used Robert on several different occasions to fill very specific Sales Executive needs in the Media and Entertainment space for TCS. He did an excellent job – very thorough – responsive – and did excellent research.

Edward Altman, VP Media & Entertainment Sales & Solutions, ValueLabs (Client at Tata Consultancy Services)

Was a pleasure to work with Rob and the hire was outstanding! Will definitely work with him again in the future.

Yifhat Arnstein, Executive Coach, Facebook (Client at Eyeblaster)

Robert was extremely helpful and insightful throughout my dealings with him as he helped me secure an exciting position as Director of Sales at Visible World. He then helped us again by sending us a fantastic Director of Account Management! I have no doubt that he will continue to be of service to us here, and to anyone who has the good fortune to seek him out.

Hasan Rahim, SVP , Head of Sales (Placed at Visible World), AudienceXPress

Rob has deep understanding of client needs, wants, and focuses his efforts to see to it they’re met. I highly recommend working with Rob for career advice and guidance. He was instrumental in recruiting me over to my over to my current VP role.

Ryan J. Murray, AVP Media Solutions, Asia Pacific (Placed at StrikeAd), Sizmek

I worked with Rob when he was doing some consulting work for Hearst Digital. He recruited me directly from my previous company and got me over to Hearst to assist with their sales/marketing/tech recruiting. He helped manage the entire interview and offer process. He did a great job at representing the needs of the role and business with a personal approach that separated him from other recruiters.

Scott Corrigan, Resource Manager- Team Builder, Booz Allen Hamilton (Placed at Hearst Digital)

Working with Rob was exceptional. He has an extensive professional network and knowledge of the digital advertising industry. He is a true professional who was with me through the entire process and continued to follow up with me months after I started my job. Not only did Rob provide me with excellent opportunities, he added his own insight and guidance into each position and company. I would highly recommend working with Rob.

Tony Mowad, Director of Sales, Audience Solutions (Placed at WeatherBug), Dun & Bradstreet

Robert is a strategic thinker that knows how to place the appropriate candidate with the right company. He is a true professional and was key in two of my career moves. Robert is very knowledgeable about the digital marketing industry which allows him to be not only a consultant to his company clients but also candidates he qualifies.

Alex Moya, Sales Director (Placed at Photobucket), Channel Factory

Rob helped place me in a Director of Account Management role that I really enjoy. He perfectly matched my skills with the position and throughout the entire process Rob was always professional, courteous, and respectful of my time. He’s very diligent in following-up and kept me informed every step of the way, even after I was placed. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a new job or to fill a position.

Erin Snowden, Director of Account Management (Placed at Visible World), VisibleWorld

I had the pleasure of working with Robert recently while searching for a change from the company I was working for at the time. Robert really sat down and got a good understanding of what I was looking for and placed me at my current company. I could not be happier than I am at my current position and I owe that to Robert. He was very professional, very straight with me at all times, and really thorough in finding me the perfect fit. He has real talent and great foresight, and excellent at what he does.

Gautam Jhalani, Senior Sales Manager (Placed at Textbroker), SearchMetrics

Robert is great at what he does; he’s a true student of the game when it comes to business accumen. He not only placed me at my job, but he consulted me in my career path (and still does today). He’s a great person to know and have a casual conversation with and talk about business. He’s considered my first line of defense whenever I’m in the job market and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Sean Barker, Vice President of Business Business Development (Placed at ThomasNet), Bridgeline Digital

I had the opportunity to meet Robert during my last job search. I was contemplating a move from a company I had been at for five years and was looking for a very particular opportunity with a start-up. Robert represented that start-up. During the interview process, I came to count on Robert’s expertise on start-ups and while he was certainly trying to fill the role, I felt like Robert took the time to ensure the company and position was a good fit for both me and the company. As a result, things have worked out and 2 1/2 years later, I am still here and successful. I would certainly work with Robert again and would recommend him to colleagues looking for a new opportunity.

Michael Carle, Vice President of Business Development (Placed at Conductor), iQuanti

Robert Samet is a professional, reliable executive recruiter who is well connected in the Interactive Sales and Software space. I have had the pleasure of working with Robert over the past few years, and found him to be well regarded and focused on the best outcome for both candidates and clients. I would give Robert the highest recommendation and encourage both companies and candidates to engage him at the most strategic level.

John McMullin, Director of Partnerships (Placed at EyeBlaster, Client at Adform), OrionCKB

Robert connected me to Crowd Science and for that I’m very grateful! He was great to work with throughout the process and provided guidance when I needed it.

Kristin Ferrara, Independent Contractor (Placed at Crowd Science), 8fold

Thanks to Robert, my career has taken a turn for the better. He is an insightful recruiter who is knowledgeable of the marketplace and industry. He was an excellent conduit between the company’s hiring manager and the prospective employee (myself). I would definitely recommend Robert to any of my friends/colleagues moving forward.

Jordan Feivelson, Media Sales, East (Placed at Photobucket), Ibotta

I called Rob to help me in my job search at a time when I was not only looking for work, but looking for the right opportunity. Rob was upfront, honest and diligent. He was a huge help in matching my skill set with a great company I hope to flourish at for years to come. I would recommend Rob without hesitation to anyone looking for someone that will cut through the bull and have you speaking to the right people in your job search. Hopefully I won’t need him for a long time….

Ryan Kahn, Senior Account Executive (Placed at WeatherBug), Expedia

He is sincere, diligent, and transparent. Most importantly, Robert genuinely listens to what you’re looking for in your next endeavor and cares about placing you in the right company and role. Robert’s enthusiasm and gusto are infectious as he’s clearly passionate about what he does and it shows in everyday communication. I highly recommend Robert to anyone who’s looking to become invigorated about the job search and make their next big career move.

Gareth Edwards, VP Partnerships Development (Placed at Conductor), JP Morgan
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